I'm a Full Stack Engineer with a wide experience of both Windows and *UNIX languages and technologies. I'm currently employed by Pitney Bowes where I'm working on the EngageOne® Video platform.

I can be be found on Twitter and GitHub.

Hvy Industries Founder

The umbrella company I founded as legal cover for all of my online business activities.
Listed on the NASDAQ as "HVY" (just kidding).

HVY, HVY Industries and Hvy Industries are trading names of JCKD (UK) Ltd.

Crane Founder Developer

An open-source extension for Visual Studio Code to provide PHP code-completion and productivity enhancements. Installed over 6 thousand times within two months after release.

I wanted to use a Javascript based PHP parser to avoid the need to install & configure PHP to use the extension. Unfortunately, the lack of a stable and feature-complete PHP parser implemented in Javascript increased the project complexity significantly, and to this day causes feature delays as the parser has to be adapted or extended to add the required functionality before it can be added to the extension.

Parsec Founder Developer

An intelligent, ultra-fast IDE that will accelerate your web development experience to light-speed.

Currently in development; check out the "WIP" Development Blog for more info.

Matterjam CI Founder

Matterjam is a code analysis tool that lets a development team monitor the health of their codebase to improve code quality, maintainability and to catch potential bugs and security defects before they become an issue. Founder Developer is a free service that allows you to create a coding Style Guide for your company or open source project with a just few clicks using a simple GUI.

It has full integration with Matterjam allowing you to enforce your style guide on your repository.

Rust Factions Senior Management Server Admin Semi-Retired

Rust Factions is the world's largest gaming community for the game Rust. I joined the team in late 2015 as their main Server Admin and since then have contributed many hours to the community, joining the Senior Management team in early 2016.

Amongst other things, I managed the server and wrote custom scripts to improve gameplay and performance. I also led the move from reddit to our own forum where we could moderate the community more easily.

glayzzle/php-parser Contributor

Glayzzle's php-parser project is a PHP Parser implemented in Javascript/NodeJS. It takes raw PHP code and builds an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) to allow programatic access to the code.

This library forms the core of the Crane extension for VS Code, and wouldn't be possible without it. I assisted the founder and lead developer, and have contibuted code back to the project fixing bugs and added desired features.

Dash Founder Developer Archived

Dash 1.0 is a standalone IDE with syntax highlighting and code completion for Bohemia Interactive's SQF programming language for the ARMA game series.

It is currently not maintained, and will ultimately be replaced by a Visual Studio Code extension.