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Active Development or Involvement

Server Buddy Since 2019

A server monitoring service that uses a scheduled job on each monitored machine to report back server stats and give notifications about important events (eg. available updates, successful SSH logons).

Pusha Since 2020

iOS app for receiving API-driven push notifications. Ideal for services that want to send push notifications but don’t have an app of their own (eg. Server Buddy).

Ideas I’m Exploring

Lambda CI Since 2020

Use Lambda to run CI jobs, emphasis on speed. Parallelize as much as possible. Looking to take a 45 minute build down to 5 minutes max.

Native app UI using HTML/CSS without a browser Since 2020

Build UIs for .NET Core native desktop apps using HTML/CSS for layout – without bundling a browser (like Electron does).

Minimal Git Client Since 2019

Cross-platform git client with minimal features for everyday use. Particularly useful for staging/committing changes or comparing files across commits/branches/tags.

Automatic JUnit concurrent testing Since 2019

Essentially NCrunch for JUnit Java tests.

Improved Angular development experience in VS Code Since 2019

Essentially Resharper for Angular.

Visual web automation builder Since 2019

No-code solution for creating web automations. You build a flow, and it runs in Selenium/Puppeteer. Example uses: smoke test deployments, automatic cache warming, scrape websites that don’t have an API.

Docker-powered webhost control panel Since 2018

Instead of running all your sites on a VPS using a single Apache server, separate them using Docker for improved security and easier deployments. You provide the site files in git or a zip file and the app handles the rest (no need to create docker images for this to work, but you can if you choose).


Crane Active 2016 to 2019

The first VS Code plugin that provided PHP code completion. Downloaded over 380,000 times, it is now shut down as I stopped working with PHP and didn’t have the time or motivation to maintain the plugin.

Rust Factions Active 2015 to 2017

I was the main SysAdmin responsible for keeping the Rust game server running 24/7 and writing custom game plugins to improve the game experience for the thousands of members of the Rust Factions community.

The SkySpace Active 2012 to 2014

Co-Founder of this VPS & Dedicated server hosting business. Sold in 2014 and I am no longer affiliated with this company.